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LKBrowz Sculpt Concealer is a versatile concealer that can be used in a magnitude of ways! Sculpt your brows to perfection and your good to go. 24 Hour full coverage ensures your busy life won’t be interrupted by wandering make up. We advise using a small amount of the product to sculpt around your brow area, helping fix any flaws in your brow shape or style. This product can be used anywhere on the face, a super addition to anyones make up kit!

-Full coverage

-24 Hour wear


Colour shade guide:

#01 Neutral– Ideal for fairest skin tones with a warm undertone 

#02 Light Cream– Ideal for fairest skin tones with a cool undertone

#03 Light– Ideal for fair rosy pale skin tones, slighter warmer than shade #01 

#04 Medium Honey– Ideal for light olive skin tones with a warm yellow undertone

#05 Tan– Ideal for medium to dark olive skin tones with a warm yellow undertone

#06 Wheaten– Ideal for fair to medium skin tones with a cool undertone 

#07 Deep– Ideal for darker skin tones with a warm undertone



Step By Step Guide 

1. Using a concealer brush, apply a small amount of product around the brow area 

2. Buff into place 

3. Depending on your desired look, either line the base of your brow with the product or begin to blend for a more natural look

4. Build up around brow as desired

5. Selfie time! Don’t forget to tag us on instagram @LKBrowz

For best results use in conjunction with our LKBrowz Brow Define and Fix!

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